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Stewner, Tanya

Tanya Stewner did not fall in love with books at first sight. After her primary school teacher had told her parents it was unlikely that she would ever learn to read and write properly, the girl from the Bergisches Land did not develop her passion for writing until late, i.e. the age of ten. But from then on, it was the love of her life, and the stories came out in a flood. Born in 1974, Tanya Stewner studied English, German and literature, and worked for several years as a translator and editor. She now writes full-time. Her children’s series Liliane Susewind and the adventures of the Hummelbi elves have achieved major international success.


11/2016 | Lovelybooks Leserpreis (Shortlist)
11/2016 | Kalbacher Klapperschlange
3/2016 | Preis Jury der junge Leser (Wien) - Nominierung
12/2015 | Selektissima - Auswahlliste (AUT)
11/2015 | Lovelybooks Leserpreis (Shortlist)

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