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Sequel of TOP SERIES +++ Children's Fiction Age 10+

Alea Aquarius

Vol. 2: The Colours of the Sea

At last Alea knows why she has always felt so out of place: she’s a mermaid. But what happened to her natural mother eleven years ago and why does the underwater world seem so deserted? Alea cannot possibly be the only member of the merfolk left in the world! Little by little and with the aid of the Alpha Cru, Alea finds out more about where she came from. And she learns that Lennox is also half mer. Could that be why they feel so drawn to each other?

The sequel of the cool mermaid series by bestseller author Tanya Stewner!

The first volume in this series, The Call of the Water, was one of the Top 6 Children’s and Young Adult Bestsellers with more than 35,000 copies sold!

Translation Rights of the series sold to Denmark, Japan, The Czech Republic and The Netherlands.

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FAVOURITE TOP TITLE +++ Children's Fiction Age 6+

Only a Day

You always have time enough to be happy.

As Boar and Fox are unexpectedly witness to the delightful spectacle of a mayfly hatching, they find themselves faced with a problem – how on earth are they to tell the creature it has only one day to live? Straightaway, they decide to say that Fox is the one who will soon die.

The pretty fly immediately comes up with an idea:

To fit a whole life – full of happiness – into the space of a single day!

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More about Martin Baltscheit and Wiebke Rauers.

English sample translation available!

Picture Book Age 4+

Why is Little Sock so Sad?

The amusing and delightful story of the search for a missing sock.

The little sock is already feeling quite downtrodden when she wakes up, so she sets off to find something to cheer her up. The brand-name socks suggest an expensive label, the sport socks insist on plenty of exercise and the elegant ladies’ socks recommend chocolate cake. The little sock follows all of their good advice, but still feels just as miserable as before.

And then the little sock sees a sock that looks just like her.

“I really missed you!” she exclaims, relieved – and truly happy, at last.

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More about Henrike Lippa and Jan Uhing.

English sample translation available.

Film Rights / Filmrechte

If you would like to inquire about the film rights to one of our books, please contact our colleagues from the Oetinger Film Rights Agency.

Wenn Sie sich für die Filmrechte an einem unserer Bücher interessieren, wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Kolleginnen von der Oetinger Filmrechte-Agentur.

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Literary Fiction Age 8+

Nelly and the Foggy Place

In their search for her seafaring daddy, Nelly and her mother, Ava, travel all over the country. One day, a flying postman puts Nelly and Ava off course and leads them behind a wall of fog to the strangest place Nelly has ever been. Here, everything is padded and secure. There are thousands of prohibitive signs – and lots of frightened people. Then Ava suddenly disappears without trace. Nelly's mother isn’t the first person to have gone missing here. Anyone who breaks the rules disappears. Just like that! But where do they go to?

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More about Annika Scheffel and Joëlle Tourlonias.


Vol. 1 Who Emma Hated

Emma, Kassy and Marie are best friends. But Marie has a secret, Emma tells lies and Kassy has a dangerous enemy. The summer holidays will soon be here. When they are over, Marie will be going to Australia for a year and there’s going to be a huge farewell party before she leaves. And one of the trio will not survive that night.

Secrets – Do you know everything about your best friends?

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