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TOP TITLE +++ Children's Fiction Age 10+

Caspar and the Master of the Forgotten

Only one person knows the dark secret
Caspar’s parents are brilliant puppeteers. But there’s a price to be paid for their success. For generations, his family has had to sacrifice its youngest child to the Master of the Forgotten. Then one day, Till, Caspar’s brother, also disappears from the adults’ memory. Only Caspar and his sister can save him from the Master’s cold-hearted ambition: to use all of the vanished and forgotten children to bring to life the perfect puppet.
Caspar and the Master of the Forgotten by Stefanie Taschinski is a timeless, atmospheric narrative combining elements of children’s daily life and fantasy.

The author’s Sparklewood was on the bestseller list of "Dein Spiegel" children’s magazine for weeks and sold more than 50,000 copies! Translation rights sold to Romania!

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Miss Hic and the Puffy Fart

Watch out, the Unstoppable Five are in our midst! But who is probably the most unstoppable? Miss Hic, the Little Poop Cloud, the Burp, Professor Achoo or the Yawner? A crazy contest begins. And just when they all think it will be impossible to find a winner, a very different candidate turns up – one who’s far more terrible than all the rest!

The second picture book from the dynamic duo Eva Dax and Sabine Dully takes an amusing look at bodily functions.
Knowledge in story form: unstoppably entertaining

From the successful authors' Duo of You Are Oh So Horribly Handsome!

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Young Adult Fiction Age 12+

Feather Heart

Something is happening and I am part of it … Dark days. Snow. Shadows between the trees. Footsteps. When I turn round, there’s nothing to be seen. Basil is the only reason I drag myself to boarding school every day. But it’s getting darker and darker, and there’s something behind me. I can sense its presence, just as surely as I know that my coming to Grovegate was no accident. You have the power to change everything.

A girl between two boys and two worlds

Fairy tale, fantasy, modern

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Picture Book Age 4+

Lottie Sees The Stars!

Can you see the wonders of the night?

Lottie can’t get to sleep. There are far too many noises keeping her awake in the darkness. Luckily, she’s being allowed to help nice Mrs Nightblue to paint the sky dark tonight. Through the wonder skylights, she can see Madam Cassiopeia loudly banging her spoon as she heats milk for the Milky Way and the Little Dog yelping as he plays tag with the Hare. So that’s where all the noises come from! Now Lottie can finally relax and drift off to sleep. Discover the different constellations with Mummy and Daddy in an imaginative story with beautiful illustrations.

A goodnight story full of poetry.
New: Astronomy for the very young.

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Film Rights / Filmrechte

If you would like to inquire about the film rights to one of our books, please contact our colleagues from the Oetinger Film Rights Agency.

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Zu unseren aktuellen Vorschauen

Young Adult Age 16+

The Assassins

Although they come from totally different backgrounds, Cliff and Alain are fascinated by each other, and Margareta, whom they have known since they were small, has always stood between them. Then Cliff converts to Islam and disappears. When he returns, it soon becomes clear that he is there on an assignment: to plan a “Day of Blood” for IS. Alain tries hard to safe is friend...

With The Assassins, Antonia Michaelis offers an unsettling glimpse into the dark abyss of terrorism.

Absolutely topical: A teenager becomes an IS warrior

As dark and poetic as The Storyteller

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Young Adult Age 14+

In a Summernight Like Tonight

When 17-year-old Leo meets the inscrutable Alexei, she finds herself not only faced with riddles but also in emotional turmoil. But then a murder takes place and Leo can’t help wondering whether Alexei has anything to do with it. Because she doesn’t lose faith in him, she even ends up in mortal danger. But that also makes Leo stronger. Can she really trust her feelings of love?
In a Summernight Like Tonight by bestselling author Tanja Heitmann is a thrilling combination of atmospheric romance and an ample portion of suspense.
Incredibly tight, skilful narrative

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