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Als mein Bruder ein Wal wurde
Als mein Bruder ein Wal wurde
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304 Pages
15.5 x 21.6 cm
ISBN: 3-7891-0963-0
ISBN-13: 978-3-7891-0963-8
year of publication: 2019
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Nina Weger

Als mein Bruder ein Wal wurde

When My Brother Was a Whale

text by Nina Weger
cover and illustrations by Eva Schöffmann-Davidov

“Sometimes, when I was lying in bed at night, I would imagine that Julius was gliding through the depths of the ocean like an enormous whale.“

Do we have the right to make decisions about someone else’s life? And how are we to know what is right or wrong if we can’t ask them? Blake’s older brother Julius is in a coma; the family has to make a decision and is on the verge of breaking apart. So what now? Blake’s friend Martha wants to ask the Pope. Surely he must know what to do in a case like this … They secretly rob their piggy banks, steal a credit card and set out on an adventurous trip to Rome to find an answer and save Blake’s family.

A uniquely sensitive and wonderful story about life.

With this courageous book, Nina Weger creates a reading experience that hovers between tears and laughter, profoundly serious and yet with a fine sense of comedy and an inspiring message: live life to the full and always try to look on the bright side of things.


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