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Henry Smart
Henry Smart
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288 Pages
14.5 x 21.0 cm
ISBN: 3-7891-0423-X
ISBN-13: 978-3-7891-0423-7
year of publication: 2017
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Henry Smart aus der reihe Scheunemann, Henry Smart

Frauke Scheunemann

Henry Smart

Henry Smart. Working for the God Boss

text by Frauke Scheunemann
cover illustration by John Kelly

The gods must have lost their minds! Henry, a boy from the USA, is faced with the most boring summer holidays of his life – he’s off to Bayreuth with his father. Nothing could be worse. But then everything changes when they order pizza. Instead of pizza, Henry finds a bad-tempered giant at the door. Very soon, Henry is lying prostrate before Odin, yes, before the ruler of the Norse gods himself. Odin has a bone to pick with his old enemy, Alberich the dwarf, and it seems Henry could come in very useful for that. Before he knows what has happened, Henry is racing through world history with Odin’s daughter, Hilda. The first book in a new series, very funny and featuring a smart hero.

Fast moving, full of action and gigantic fun: popular author Frauke Scheunemann gives the classical story a new twist!

The first in the new bestselling series!

Book 2: Henry Smart. The Dwarf King’s Uprising - to be published in Spring 2018.