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Emmi und Einschwein. Einhorn kann jeder!
Emmi und Einschwein. Einhorn kann jeder!
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208 Pages
14.5 x 21.0 cm
ISBN: 3-7891-0889-8
ISBN-13: 978-3-7891-0889-1
year of publication: 2018
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Anna Böhm

Emmi und Einschwein. Einhorn kann jeder!

Emmi and Unipig. Anyone can be a Unicorn!

text by Anna Böhm
cover and illustrations by Susanne Göhlich

A pig with a horn and its heart in the right place!
In Pixietown, every child gets a fabulous creature for their tenth birthday. Emmi’s big day is just around the corner and she is quite sure her creature will be a unicorn, a graceful, delicate unicorn. But when the day arrives, what does she see trotting towards her through the magical mist? A unipig! Emmi cannot imagine a fabulous creature less magical than this plump pink dumpling.
As luck would have it, half the school already knows that Emmi wanted a unicorn, so a unipig is of course quite simply the last thing in the world she needs just now. But Emmi doesn’t yet know quite how unique the unipig is!

A heart-warming story of friendship and identity.

A fabulous new twist on the trend topic unicorn.
The message – be happy with who you are! – is conveyed with humour and charm.
Discovery: Anna Böhm’s debut reveals exceptional talent.