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Die Tür bleibt zu
Die Tür bleibt zu
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32 Pages
21.5 x 28.0 cm
ISBN: 3-7915-0046-5
ISBN-13: 978-3-7915-0046-1
year of publication: 2017
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Sabine Ludwig

Die Tür bleibt zu

The Door Stays Shut

text by Sabine Ludwig
design by Frauke Schneider
cover and colour illustrations by Isabel Kreitz

A heart-warming tale of bedtime banishment
Mummy and Daddy have a living room full of guests and it’s time Oscar finally went to sleep. »The door stays SHUT!« calls Mummy. But Oscar is thirsty. And hungry. And he’s bored, too. Then suddenly a waiter with a cup of hot cocoa leaps out of his wardrobe, followed by a cook with scrumptious cake and even a musician. And somehow they all look very familiar to us. After so much excitement, even Oscar falls into a contented sleep.

Congenial picture-book premiere for dream team Sabine Ludwig (story) and Isabel Kreitz (illustration).